The UK's only dedicated parcel and storage service for university students.

Packing Tips

Below are some packing tips to ensure your items don't get damaged in transit.


Please print your label and securely attach to the topside of your parcel, if your parcel is heavy please also mark the box 'HEAVY' or 'FRAGILE' if you've packed delicate items.

If you are sending a suitcase please attach the label to the handle if you're unable to stick to side panels. If labels detach from parcels or suitcases, we'll place into our unclaimed department until you reclaim your package.

Try to avoid using boxes that are greater than the following dimensions: 20'x20'x20' especially if you are packing heavy objects.
Please reframe from using crisp boxes as the cardboard structure is very weak and isn't designed for weighty loads. Try using thick walled cardboard boxes. Maximum weight allowed per parcel is 30kg.
Sealing your box
Use brown packing tape generously making sure that you double tape the bottom and top, also wrap around the whole box at both ends to stop the box from bulging. Boxes will be stacked on top of each other during transit.
Moving In / Moving Out
Ask you parents to send a couple of empty cases to your residents, fill them up and send them home. Do this over say a week or so and you'll have all your processions back home in no time.